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Would braces work for my teeth?


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Hello, I have small to medium gaps between my front teeth. probably 2-3m between my two front teeth and a 1mm gap between the two teeth on either side of my front teeth. I e always had these gaps. My teeth are pretty straight, in relatively nice condition but the gaps really bother me and stop me smiling sometimes. My last dentist tried to persuade me to get veneers as he said my teeth would look too small when the gaps are closed. I was very surprised as I don't think i have small teeth and I think he may have advised me incorrectly without necessarily prioritising what is best for me. I want to follow the best course of action and dont want to go for the quickest or cheapest option.  Is it possible to download a picture of my teeth? Thanks, Andrea😃

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Hi Andrea,

I fully understand your situation and desire for a second opinion, though unfortunately I must acknowledge that we're not dentists and so cannot provide this kind of personalized advise. With that said, I do highly recommend setting up a consultation with a local orthodontist to discuss your question and share your concern with your prior dentist's recommendation. An orthodontist, as opposed to a general dentist, is probably your best bet as they typically have the most training and experience adjusting teeth and crafting healthy, beautiful smiles. Many dentists offer free consultations, so you can likely get your second opinion at no cost.

Hope that's of some help.


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