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If you have a few implants in place, are you still able to use the night bytes?

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Hi there!

Here's byte's official position on implants from their FAQ:

Can I do byte if I have a dental implant? It’s possible. Our dentists will need to take a look at your impressions to know for sure. If you’re not a candidate, youll get a refund for the Impression Kit.

For a bit more detail, here's my understanding of this issue:

byte aligners (and really all brands of clear aligners) cannot move implants, since they are anchored directly to the jaw bone, but should still be capable of shifting your natural teeth. Because of this, it's often - but not always - possible to get treated successfully with byte when you have implants.

One reason an individual with implants may not be able to get treated with a clear aligner product like byte: it can sometimes be too difficult to safely and effectively shift the teeth surrounding an implant. I would assume this is most often the case with individuals who have moderate-to-severe crowding.

When you send in your dental impressions to byte, one or more of byte's dental professionals will review your case to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. If they determine treatment with byte cannot provide you good results, on account of your implants or for any other reason, byte will inform you that you are not a candidate and will refund your impression kit.

In any event, hope that's helpful! Keep in mind, I'm not a dental professional; this is just my non-expert understanding. We always suggest discussing with your dentist before starting with aligner treatment.

- Chris

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