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Is it possible to purchase aligners for the top teeth only? My bottom molars were removed. The first company I tried was unable to make aligners for just my top teeth or for the bottom teeth without the molars. 


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Hi Lynn - that's a great question.

Treating only the top or bottom teeth, known as "single arch treatment," is generally discouraged because shifting just the top or bottom teeth can create bite related issues. Here's a great article that covers this topic in detail.

If you don't mind my asking, which company did you reach out to? My understanding is that the majority of "at-home" aligner companies are not willing to provide single arch treatment. The one exception I'm aware of is SnapCorrect, which states in their FAQ that they will sometimes consider single arch treatment.

Given your unique set of circumstance, you may have better success talking to a local dentist or orthodontist and opting for in-office aligner treatment or even braces. The molars typically play an important functional role in aligner treatment, by helping to anchor them and providing the physical resistance needed to shift your teeth.  When you are treated in-person, a dentist/orthodontist typically has more tools and options at their disposal to handle non-standard circumstances such as missing molars.

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