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Any comments about this provider offering results in 6 months at a competitive price?

Website here


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Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this UK/Ireland based company to our attention. It had not been on our radar before now.

Looks like ThérapieClinic offers a range of cosmetic services, and just recently started offering clear aligner treatment this past summer (2020). It would appear they are only available to UK and Ireland based customers.

Based on their website, this options seems to work quite in a manner quite similar to SmileDirectClub and other popular home-based teeth aligner companies.

  • Step 1: Either take an impression of your teeth from home, or visit one of their 3 "clinic" locations around London to get a 3D scan of your teeth.
  • Step 2: They prepare a clear aligner treatment plan, and you decide whether or not to proceed to purchase aligners.
  • Step 3: They ship you the aligners, and you administer treatment from home, without visits to the dentist.

Their standard pricing is on the high side compared to alternative home-based clear aligner options. However, as of the time of writing, they are offering a very steep discount that brings down the price for the up-front purchase option to £995, which is indeed quite competitive. They also offer a financing option to break out payment over 18 months or 2 years, but it's not discounted and therefore much less favorably priced.

I see they offer a night-time treatment plan, where you only need to wear your aligners for 10 hours per day while you sleep. These days, a number of home aligner companies offer a similar over night option, which can be a major convenience for customers who are self conscious about wearing aligners during the day. A key thing to keep in mind if you decide to go this route is that your treatment will probably take several months longer to complete, since you're wearing your aligners for a shorter duration each day.

Aside from price/affordability, another very important factor we look at when evaluating a clear aligner company is how well they support their patients before, during and after treatment. We've observed that some companies in this industry are extremely responsive and helpful in addressing customer problems/concerns. Some, such as Straight Teeth Direct, even have systems in place facilitate regular, remote check-ins with patients to monitor their progress. In contrast, other companies are much more hands-off, and you may struggle to get the help you need if something goes wrong.

Before reviewing a company, we generally try to interview customers and/or company management. We haven't had a chance to do this for ThérapieSmile, so unfortunately I'd not really be able to offer an assessment in terms of treatment quality, customer service etc.

If we do end up doing a full review of ThérapieSmile, I'll post a link in this thread. 

In the mean, feel free to check out reviews of other popular home-based clear aligner services that are available in the UK:

Finally, should you do decide to purchase ThérapieSmile, please consider partnering with us to document your experience. We have a program where we offer $150 to folks willing to create clear aligner video reviews that we post on our youtube channel.

- Chris


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