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I paid almost $1700.00 in full to NEWSMILE and after seeing my preview I told them not to make the aligners and just refund as I did not want to go through with the treatment. They lied and stalled refunding for months. Now they outright refuse to refund me. Do not send them any money because you’ll be scammed if you want a refund. Their address is in Vancouver but I’m sure that is just a shell address and the employees are all over the world while the owners hide behind a numbered company. No manager to escalate to just a customer service employee named Shy based out of the Philippines who basically says sorry we stole your money.

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Hi there Ken - I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience.

I can assure you that NewSmile does have an office in Vancouver, as I have spoken with a NewSmile employee out of their Vancouver office myself. My impression is that they have every intention to provide an honest, high quality service, and I am hopeful this is just a matter of miscommunication that will ultimately get resolved.

With that said, I can fully understand your frustration. $1,700 is a lot of money, and I'm sorry to see you weren't able to reach someone who could review your situation more fully. 

I hope you will consider posting back on this forum with an update if you are able to get this matter resolved.

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Hi Ken!

We appreciate your feedback, and are sorry to hear about your negative experience. Your purchase was made in January of last year, and you contacted us sometime in February of this year with a refund request. As it turns out, our refund policy is not indefinite, and we allow refunds for up to 5 months after purchase. At this time, we are happy to continue with your treatment to make your aligners, and kindly contact us if you would like to move forward.


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